Tara Castagna

Tara’s first time infront of a professional camera and she did amazing! Hair & makeup by Allison LaCour. Check out her favorite picks below.

As Christina Passariello wrote within a current Wall Street Journal article, Louis Vuitton, with its flagging development and logo-covered bags, now finds itself within the throes in the style small business?ˉ most baffling paradox ¨C how do you sell bags to as several men and women as you can devoid of becoming a organization that?ˉs associated with mass-market consumerism instead of rarified luxury? At least proper now, LVMH execs consider that the solution to that difficulty might be to raise prices across the board. Vuitton?ˉs development has slowed in current months simply because luxury-hungry consumers in emerging markets like China are becoming rapidly extra sophisticated; in essence, they want subtle leather bags in place of the logo-covered canvas pieces which can be Vuitton?ˉs bread and butter, along with becoming the brand?ˉs most visible symbol. So how, exactly, may well a price tag hike assistance?