Elaine and Hai expecting

I was so excited when Elaine contacted me for a maternity shoot. She found me thru Playground Magazine and I must say that shooting couples are my favorites lately!
Elaine and Hai were just so adorable together. She is due in a couple of weeks and she looks great. They are expecting a girl and even though they haven’t picked a name yet, they did tell me a few they are considering.I cant wait to see this new bundle of joy when they welcome her to the world.
I have to mention that we escaped the storm that was scheduled to come in the last minute. The second I got into the car and began driving the rain started pouring. Talking about luck!
Congratulations again to the expecting parents. I hope to meet the little princess when she’s ready for her first photo shoot debut.

Special thanks to Amanda Stone for making Elaine even more beautiful with her makeup and hair works.