DIY: Bench

So everyone that knows me, knows I love girly stuff, and so because I have sons only, I had to get this cute bench/table for my little niece Iva. I found it at the local antique store. It was just too cute to pass up. Her room is of course in white and pink colors so i couldnt leave the bench so dull. It was meant to be refinished! I paired it with white paint and pink & white damask pattern fabric. I think it came out so cute! Check it out! :)
I will soon take some photos of my niece on the bench.. cant wait!

I used:
– Flat white valspar spray paint (1 and half can)
– Valspar primer
– Damask fabric (Hobby Lobby)
– White braid trim
– Clear knob from Home depot


Heres the before and after.


It was a lot of work to take the old fabric off…and I mean  A LOT! I probably wouldnt doit again if I had to doit all over..haha
Once I took off the fabric and cushions I prepped it. Sanded & primed.

I spray painted it white flat white color.



I also got this cute knob at the Home Depot. I think it ads a nice touch! :)

All in all Im happy with how it came out. Let me know what you think??