Knight Family

It’s always an honor when a fellow photographer chooses me to take their photo. It is not only a gesture of confidence and respect, but also a huge compliment to my work. I am a fan of Tamara’s work, she is a talented photographer as well, and I was defeinitely excited and a little anxious when she booked a family session with me.
I had a wonderful time working with Tamara and her family, their bond is genuine and they seem to have an aura of love and closeness around them that resonates in their smiling faces. All in all, we had a blast in the time we spent together, and I hope to work with them again in the future!

You are awe inspiring! These are so freaking amazing!!! Good lord I hope to be on your level some day!!! I am working my ass off to get there….but WOW these are omg my dreams! Lol god bless you and the wonderful talent you have!!!!!!!!!