Makerbie and Joshua engaged

Words can’t describe how excited I was to shoot Makerbie and Joshua’s engagment photos!
Lake Eola provided the perfect setting, but despite how beautiful, it was no match for the sheer joy and romance displayed by these two Central Florida love birds!
We began early in the morning, and the rising temperatures throughout the day couldn’t stop us from getting the shoot done! I was a little nervous at first, but Makerbie and Joshua were a lot of fun, and by the end of the shoot, I felt like I spent the day with friends. I can not wait for the wedding!!
Hair and makeup done by Tamara Baguidy.

The Vintage travel theme.. Love it!

BEAUTIFULL… You look bella plus you look so happy and am happy for you lots of blessing for both of you guys xoxo.great pic love them

Why are you nervous?!!! Looking at these shots, you have this down-packed. This photos are impeccable. I love the angles and the location placement of the rings at different locations were all captured very well. You inspire me with every shot. Great Job Natasha!

Great Job, wonderfull pics, Josh you win the big prize of door number 1, Kirby you got it girl my goodness Jesus Love You Both and So Do I

They look very nice. me like them Quabie. You did a good Job with Josh