Sandra & Ryan

This was my second time shooting at the beautiful Disney Boardwalk. Sandra and Ryan are celebrating their 5 years of marriage, that is coming up on August 25th, with a cruise to Bahamas. They’ve asked me to take photos of them, to honor the day they said “I do”.

The day didnt started of as we planned. It was raining pretty much all day. We weren’t going to give up on the shoot, so we waited around for the rain drops to stop. And they did.
After the shoot we ended an evening at my favorite restaurant ever! – Melting Pot. Yummy!!
Check out some of the shots from our shoot together.
Happy anniversary and to many many more happy and healthy life together!

If you are wondering whats he’s pointing too.. it was nets that were somehow “following” him. lol

What Lenses do you use? Its incredible how you get things so sharp. Would love to get tips on what lenses to work with.

Que linda pareja, son muy hermosos los dos, reflejan el gran amor que sienten el uno por el otro, gracias a Dios por su compromiso, su boda, y ahora sus cinco años, gracias a Dios por sus preciosos hijos, son una princesa hermosa y un guapo principito. De verdad muchas bendiciones y muchas felicidades. Un abrazo. Y muchas felicitaciones también al Estudio , son fotos espectaculares, un excelente trabajo,geniales.