Stevie and Stefanie

Loved this shoot that I had this past weekend with Stevie and Stefanie. They got such great energy and fun personalities! This was really Stevie’s shoot, but while Stevie was changing and Stefanie and I was waiting I told her to jump on this machine to snap a few photos. And before he came back we got a great shot!
The following are a few favorites that they picked.

Amazing photography! Some of the best color-photos I’ve seen! The lighting, the sharp focus. . .awesome! Of course, Stefanie, you are beautiful!

Wow. Great job Natasha. I love to see all your new work. The models look very hot. You can tell he has modeled before, very natural and attractive. What you did to the clouds in the sky really grabs your eye!
Kudos all

Stefanie All the pictures are beautiful but I really like the one of the two of you together it just looks so serene. U look “mahvalous” as usual!

There’s lots of words to describe all your work so far awesome, inspiring, amazing, fantastic!…… and many more. These pics are just downright Great! Just simply Great!

These are fantastic photos. The models are fantastic. The lighting perfect and shots are gorgeous!

Very beautiful shoot. I admire your work, the images come alive. I would love to shadow you to learn any aspect of how you work- This is the kind of photography I aspire for

I love you!!! I love your camera! I love you and your camera so very much!!
Thank you thank you!